About Me!!

Hello! My name is Kelli I am 16 and I live in Springfield, Oregon USA… I am a sophomore at Thurston High School. I started playing basketball when I was five and am currently a member of the Thurston varsity team. I hope to play basketball in college and would like to coach when I’m done with school. I also play tennis for our school which is a lot of fun. I have an older sister who is 18 and an older half brother who is 25. My sister and I are super close and we like to go shopping together:) My best friend is Elise and she plays basketball and goes to Thurston as well! We love playing ball together and whenever we hang out we can’t stop laughing!  

3 thoughts on “About Me!!”

  1. Hey,
    I’m karen, i’m 13 and i live in Conncuticut, i have one more year and then i will be in high school.
    I have an older sister too, but she is 16.
    I really like music, i LOVE to listen to counrty. What kind of music do you like?

  2. Hi Kelli… it looks like we have a lot in common! Lets be friends 🙂

    -Britt :p

  3. Rascal Flatts is my favorite country band, i’m not too scared of going to high school. At our high school we only get one locker for the 4 years we are there and i am just scared that i might get the locker that is broken or get lost in the school or something.

    What about you, are you scared of high school?

    🙂 Karen 🙂

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