#10 – Enticing Your Readers

     One thing that I feel very strong about is moral judgments. I wish there were more people that acctually stuck to what they believe in instead of just following along with whatever is easy. I’m so tired of people that say “Don’t judge me.” Isn’t that part of life? Picking your friends and standing firm on your morals is just part of what you do everyday. I have a right to say what I think is right and who I wish to hang out with, I’m supposed to judge others. I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel that people today only go along to get along without thinking about what is important to them.


This is for those of you who plan on continuing to blog after school is out.  Think about a topic that you feel passionate about and write a post to entice your readers back to read more.  The idea here is to write an introduction, a hook, that grabs the interest of your readers, and then, when school is finished and life slows down, you can take your time to write the series of three posts (or more if you wish) about the topic you selected.

True Heroes

      My idea of a true hero is a person that you look up to and someone you can truly count on. One of the people in my life that I consider my hero is my big sister Reba.

      Reba and I were not always close maily because of our age difference. As we grew older we became closer and closer friends. We were able to share secrets and talk without getting in an argument See full size imageabout something stupid. She is always there for me when I need to talk, she drives me places, takes me shopping, encourages me and isn’t afraid to tell me when I’m out of line about something.

      I look up to my sister in so many ways. I admire her work ethic and her free spirited personality. Reba is a such a strong person and always stands up for her personal ethics. Most of all she is sweet and loving, I couldn’t have asked for a better sister! Reba is my hero everyday when she is just being herself.  


#8 – Shades of purple

The beautiful colors in this picture let me know that everything is in God’s hands, if I’m willing to trust him.

 I love the deep color of this iris, it is powerful in its own simple way. The iris represtents the love I have for my friends and family. 

I love grapes because they are a yummy snack on any time of the day!

The Betta fighting fish is my favorite fish because it’s feisty like me:)







Earth Hour

I am all for conserving energy and recycling! To be honest though I know I don’t do my part to help. I have participated in community service events and Earth Day last year but I always thought it was up to someone else to make a difference. After thinking about that view I decided that it is really up to everyone to do their little part to help. If everyone did something little to help out in our community it would make a big impact!

Blog Post #7 – Slice of Life Writing

     We didn’t realize we had even passed the Safeway until almost reaching the turn-off  to the apartment.

“Gosh why didn’t you remind me about getting ice cream?” my sister said. 

“It’s because I’m irresponsible, I don’t know I just forgot okay.” I laughed back at her. 

We both thought for a minute and decided we would drive to see if the Dairy Queen down the street was open. It wasn’t. As soon as we got a chance my sister pulled the car into a vacant parking lot to turn around and head back for Safeway. A brown box sat in the middle of the lot.

“Oh, a box!” my sister shouted.

“Check and see if there are kittens!”

Needless to say, she backed the car up, we checked for kittens, and found none. We headed towards Safeway and  bought our ice cream. 


#6 – Podcasting: A Literary Connection

     I listened to about four or five podcasts, the one I found most interesting was “Hatchet” by Gary Paulsen. I really enjoyed how the podcast was simple but it was still intertaining. Unlike some of the other podcasts this one didn’t have a lot of echo in the background, so there was no distraction from what the podcaster was trying to get across. I also liked how he skipped around in the story to give the listener different views on the book. Some effects that used were background music, and a relaxing narrative voice. One thing I think would have made this a better podcast would been to have more variety in the voices. My favorite part of this podcast is that it is relaxing but entertaining at the same time. In the other podcasts I listened to the background was overwhelming and the voices switched too often which made it confusing and hard to understand.


Click Here to Listen to Hatchet, by Gary Paulson


#5- text messaging

          I think text messaging is a fast and easy way to comunticate, however I think it is often miss-used in my opinion. On average I send about 20 text messages per day, mainly to my sister to coordinate when she will pick me up, once in awhile I will text old friends just to catch up. I don’t beleive texting has any impact on my writing and I don’t think it has any adverse affects on my life. I don’t think text messaging has a place in the classroom, I am not sure if it has a place in our language or books. Communication is important and even more so with kids, I think text messaging just gives you one more way of communicating. It can affect face to face communication if you are texting when someone is trying to talk to you. The majoraty of  kids that text message don’t even give it a second thought when or where it is appropriate to text. If text messaging is used smartly I don’t think it is a problem at all, the problem becomes when it is used excessively and inappropriately.